Stop with the BS Excuses

It's not about having time, it's about making time.

“I would love to but I don’t have the time”.

This is one of the objections I hear most commonly when it comes to people choosing not to invest in their personal development.

So let’s talk about time.

WTF even is time? It’s a unit of measurement. It’s a way for us to track the movement of the sun and it’s position in the sky. It’s a system of tracking the indefinite series of events and existence in a chronological fashion.

It’s completely fucking arbitrary. Like actually...when we really think about it….when we get down into the nitty gritty. Time is a fully human construct. Existence and the passage of time would continue to happen even if we didn’t have a name for it. We don’t even all follow the same clock or calendar!! In Ethiopia, where I grew up, the year is 2014. I am dead ass serious. They also have a different clock. Time zones. Fall back, spring forward. Time is fully designed, tracked, and manipulated by human beings. It is not a thing that happens to us.

It’s not that you don’t have enough time. You aren’t making enough time. More specifically, you aren’t choosing to make more time.

Yes, even if you are a mom to three toddlers, running a side hustle, and on the HOA - you have full choice over how you spend your time. So let’s stop pretending it’s not about choice and call it what it is - lack of prioritization.

Here’s the thing - prioritize whatever the fuck you want. If your personal development isn’t a priority right now that is totally OK. There are no “good” or “bad” things to prioritize over others, simply realize that you have a choice right. And if the choices you are making are out of alignment with your values or with the life you are trying to manifest, then understand that you won’t get the results you want or are expecting.

“You have the time” You’re not making the time”

That is what the reality comes down to when we say we “don’t have the time”.

And really? How empowering is that? It is all about choice my friends.

My mom cleans her house every single day. For her, it is of utmost importance that her home is clean, it's what allows her to relax and feel good. So she prioritizes that, even if it means that other things are sacrificed. I don’t much care if my house is tidy, clead yes, but I can live with a weekly cleaning and be fine. And if missing the weekly cleaning means I get to go out for dinner with friends instead, I’m choosing the latter - because for me, dining out and time with friends is something I choose to prioritize.

So ask yourself - how are you using the excuse of not having enough time to keep you from going after the things you really want and the life you are wanting to realize?