No, we do not want #goodvibesonly

We are human and deserve the grace to be all of what that encompasses.

Did you know that as of March 29th at 5:45 pm there were 13.3 million posts tagged #goodvibesonly on the gram? There were 789k posts tagged #shadowwork and 18.8 million posts tagged #spirituality.

What does this tell me? It tells me that people L O V E to talk and contemplate their spirituality. And that they L O V E to talk about and share about good vibes (and only good vibes to be more specific). But diving in to the shadow? That’s not so sexy from the gram fam.

I don’t like to talk about spirituality in blanket terms because I think the term has become diluted and is now more likely to be described by an aesthetic than a journey or inquiry AND because truly….we are all spirits in human bodies, we are inherently spiritual. How we choose to connect to that spirit and express that part of us varies greatly from person to person and that is OK. You do not need to move to Bali, only wear linen pants, and go vegan to be crushing it as a spiritual being. Some of the most spiritual people I know are people that would be fully gobsmacked by my use of the word “mindfulness” or “highest self”. The depth of our connection to spirit, both that which lives within us and that which lives outside of us, has nothing to do with our aesthetic or use of language, it has to do with who we are, our way of being.

And, I believe that there are components - no matter how you choose to explore them - that must be investigated in order to really come to know our more ethereal and eternal selves. And one of those components is our shadow.

You don’t get to jump to #enlightenedbeing without diving into the dark caverns of your soul. Some people go through shadow work by happenstance, simply through the experiences they live and their integration of those experiences. But for most of us, I would argue for all of us….if we want to truly walk the path of a spiritual being, if we want to connect to our own heart in the deepest way possible, if we want to take off all the goddamn masks...then we must venture into our shadow. We must get to know our shadow and learn to love it.

You aren’t perfect. I’m not perfect (and after years of trying to be, I learned how much more enjoyable my life is when I’m just me). You are going to hurt people, even if it is unintentional. There are things about you that you might not like. How do you deal with all of that?

That my friends, is the work of the shadow. The deep integration of self, the beautiful acceptance of our messy, human heart.

So if you’ve tried the #loveandlight path or the #goodvibesonly path and something still doesn’t feel right….

If you’ve said all the gratitude affirmations and bought the crystals and linen pans and it still feels like you can’t be who you truly are

If the word stupid or judgmental or (piggy backing off last week) arrogant still triggers you? I invite you to take a walk into your shadow. To take a deep breath, call on all the love you have for yourself, and walk confidently into the dark abyss of what remains hidden.