Photo Credit: Ashlin Dolan

Oh, hey there!

I'm assuming if you landed here at the very minimum, you know my name is Jessica. 

But I'm trying to live my life on the basis of fewer assumptions so let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica Soares and I am a 26 year old multi-hyphenate going through an intense quarter life crisis. (Though I suppose intensity is subjective). Please don't ask me where I'm from, I hate that question but there are five places I consider home. Ethiopia, Portugal, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and now New York City (very proud to add that one to the list). It's a long story but I'm a TCK and its probably the only label I love wearing and flaunting. 

I love living room dance parties, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and swinging in hammocks in hostels. I strongly dislike when people refer to Africa as a country (its fucking huge folks-52 countries), when people try to convince me that the only reason I don't like mushrooms is cause I haven't tried theirs, and seeing human poop on the subway stairs. 

I am an actor. A writer, A tarot reader. (A babysitter. An event staffer.) AND I'm still figuring out my shit. 

This is my attempt at figuring out. One of my favorite questions to ask people is: 'what's your crazy?' (we all have at least one, more likely, multiple). And one of my biggest crazies is my perfectionism (and along with that need to be right, hatred of criticism, etc). I blame my Chiron in Virgo for that one. (You likely suffer from similar ailments if you were born between 1:32 PM on Sep  3, 1993 and 10:28 AM on Sep  9, 1995). All the posts on this blog are unedited and unfiltered. They look very much like my journal entries do (with perhaps a little more "yous" and "we's". There will likely be typos, grammatical errors (my nightmare), and often make little sense. And that's OK. I am embracing the imperfection and hopefully you can to. 

With Love, 


(sometimes Jessica, never Jessy (unless it my brother using it))

PS. Storytelling is medicine. Dancing is medicine. Crying is medicine. The ocean is medicine. Fresh flowers are medicine. Playing UNO is medicine. Midnight walks are medicine. The jungle is medicine. Music is medicine. Kissing is medicine. Writing is medicine. 

Jessica Soares